Pradeep Pattanayak

The Enforcement Directorate is presently looking for the hard disk containing the footage of CCTV camera installed at blackmail & honeytrap case accused, Archana Nag. 

While it has been discussed that the hard disk contains proof of high-profile people including politicians, businessmen and film directors and producers visiting her, its alleged disappearance has raised several questions. 

Prior to the ED, the Commissionerate Police was doing the probe. During the investigation, Archana’s family members mentioned about the hard disk. But, there is no mention of the hard disk in the charge-sheet or the seizure list.  

A few days ago, the ED wrote a letter to the Commissionerate Police, seeking information regarding the whereabouts of the hard disk. 

“The police had seized whatever deemed fit for seizure from her (Archana’s) house. To my knowledge, a hard disk was also seized then. But it is up to the police to show which articles were seized and which were not,” said Debasish Mahapatra, Archana’s advocate. 

There were scores of CCTV cameras installed around Archana’s luxurious building. It has been discussed that these CCTV cameras may have the footage to provide vital leads regarding the honeytrap business. 

Another big question here is how police forgot to inspect these cameras during the investigation. 

Even DCP Prateek Singh refused to comment on the issue. 

When asked, retired police officer Sarat Sahu said,” As CCTV was installed there; there must be a hard disk. The hard disk must have footage of people visiting her. If scanned, vital clues could be retrieved. It will go a long way in the investigation of the case.”


(Reported by Alok Mohanty, OTV)