The three assailants, who killed gangster Atiq Ahmad and his brother Ashraf, belong to three different districts in Uttar Pradesh.

Lovlesh Tiwari belongs to Banda, Sunny Singh belongs to Hamirpur and Arun Maurya lives in Kasganj.

Surprisingly, the families of all three men have disowned the assailants and said that they had already left their homes much before the incident.

All three have been booked and jailed for petty crimes in the past.

What is intriguing to the police is the fact that they have no answer for their motive for killing the two brothers.

The three assailants came to Prayagraj 48 hours before the incident and were staying in a hotel.

They have not divulged where they got the sophisticated weapons that were used to gun down Atiq Ahmad and Ashraf.

According to a police source, one of the three has said that they executed the crime because they wanted to make a name for themselves in the underworld. However, until other questions are answered, this theory will not hold water.