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The Mumbai Police on Thursday arrested one more accused in the controversial Bulli Bai app case from Odisha. The accused has been identified as Neeraj Singh (28), sources said. The accused is an MBA degree holder. He was involved in the planning of the app with the main accused, sources said.

Sources said that the accused has been apprehended from Jharsuguda district for his alleged involvement in the Bulli Bai app which was used to defame women of a particular community. Local Police had assisted the Mumbai police to nab the accused from Brajarajnagar area.

"The Mumbai Crime Branch team told us that my brother had not created the App but had not created it," the accused Neeraj Singh's brother.

Already several persons from different parts of the country, including Bengaluru, Delhi and Assam have been rounded up in this connection. With the recent arrest from Odisha, the total number of arrests made in the case has risen to five.

With Singh’s arrest, the Mumbai police have so far arrested four persons in the case. Earlier, Shweta Singh (18) and Mayank Rawal (21) were arrested from Uttarakhand, while engineering student Vishal Kumar Jha (21) was held from Bengaluru.

Neeraj Bishnoi, one of the alleged main conspirators in the Bulli Bai app case, had been arrested by Delhi police from Assam.

All the accused have been arrested in connection with the 'Bulli Bai' case pertaining to a GitHub app where images of women from a particularly community were uploaded for 'auction'.

Niraj Bishnoi (20), a B.Tech student, said to be the main conspirator and creator of 'Bulli Bai' on GitHub and the main Twitter account holder of the app, was arrested by IFSO (Intelligence Fusion and Strategic Operations unit) of the Special Cell of Delhi Police on January 6.

Bishnoi had, in October, created a list of women whom he wanted to defame online on his digital devices- a laptop and cell phones. 

On January 1, this app, which was performing on GitHub space, posted photos of a number of women followung a particular religion. These included journalists, social workers, students, and famous personalities. It happened six months after the controversy of Sulli Deals.

Hosting platform GitHub provided space to 'Sulli Deals', and 'Bulli Bai too was created on it. Later, after the controversy erupted, GitHub removed the user 'Bulli Bai' from its hosting platform. But by then, it had sparked a nationwide controversy. The app was also being promoted by a twitter handle with the name @bullibai, with the display picture of a Khalistani supporter.

This twitter handle was endorsing the Bulli Bai app saying the women can be booked from the app. This handle was also promoting Khalistani content at the same time. (With IANS Inputs)

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