Rajendra Prasad Mohapatra

Even though the Covid-19 infection among children is gradually surging in Odisha, the State Health Department on Wednesday asked people not panic as the State Government is fully ready to deal with any eventuality.

It is expected that Covid-19 infection among children will surge further in the likelihood of a third wave of the pandemic, but people shouldn’t press the panic button as the Odisha Government is fully prepared to keep the rate of infection in check, said State Public Health Director Niranjan Mishra.

“The State Health Department has maintained strong vigil on the infection among the children during the ongoing second wave of the pandemic which is currently around 12 per cent of the total infection. The death rate among the children increased due to the prevalence of Delta variant.  However, most of them are not developing any complicacies and getting cured early,” said Mishra.

“As the vaccination drive for below 18 years age group is still not undertaken, people need to be extra careful for children,” he said.

According to an assessment by the Central Government only five to six per cent children among the total infected need to be treated in hospitals. Most of the children are not severely affected by Covid-19. So there is nothing to be worried, Mishra said adding that the second wave of the pandemic is still prevalent in some parts of the State. “People can’t be complacent and throw Covid norms to the wind at this crucial juncture,” he said.

Meanwhile, Odisha registered 993 positive cases including 138 children below 18 years of age on Wednesday. Khorda reported the highest number of 419 cases followed by Cuttack (95). The State also witnessed 65 fatalities in the last 24 hours taking the death toll to 7086.