Mrunal Manmay Dash

Bajaj Auto is poised to launch the world’s first compressed natural gas (CNG)-powered motorcycle in the next quarter, revealed the firm’s Managing Director Rajiv Bajaj on Monday.

Bajaj said there was a 50-65% reduction in fuel cost and operating costs. The emission levels were lower compared to ICE vehicles . The CNG prototype had seen a 50% reduction in CO2, 75% in Carbon Monoxide and a reduction of almost 90% in non-methane hydrocabon emissions.

Rajiv Bajaj also mentioned that the CNG-powered motorcycle would be able to do what Hero Honda managed to do in the commuter segment. It is clear to mention that Mr Bajaj was referring to the CD100 motorcycle that revolutionised the concept of commuting in India.

In addition, the company is also set to launch the "biggest Pulsar ever" early in financial year 2025, Bajaj said. The firm, Bajaj added, is "firing all cylinders" and that the company is focusing on super segmentation for brands like Pulsar instead of premiumisation.

Lastly, he also stated that the 125cc plus segment will continue to be Bajaj Auto’s primary focus and will keep on with new launches almost every fortnightly.

While there is no information on the details of the upcoming motorcycle, it surely directs towards a very efficient and cleaner combustion cycle. But what needs to be seen is how Bajaj has managed to package the motorcycle, the design and storage of CNG, and what all safety management systems have been incorporated to make the CNG motorcycle safe for use.