Mrunal Manmay Dash

When we think Bollywood, first thing that comes to our mind is big parties, huge villas and luxury cars. Cars are the most common assets that the stars tend to show off as part of their sophistication. However, there are some celebs who still own practical and modest cars in which they can actually roam around without attracting much attention.

It actually makes sense to have city-friendly cars if one wants to take on the challenges of everyday driving. This includes things like ground clearance, parking issues and narrow city streets.

We wouldn't go on and term them as cheap cars, because it is only in comparison to the ultra-luxury cars they own as well.

Let us check out which not-so-luxury cars these famous movie stars own.

Madhuri Dixit

One of the celebrities who has gone modest is the graceful dancer and seasoned actress, Madhuri Dixit. Dr Nene, her husband, recently added a Tata Nexon EV to his fleet of cars which includes the ultra-luxurious Mercedes-Maybach. Nexon, is perhaps the most popular EV in the nation currently and it comes with a price tag of roughly Rs 16 lakh.

Madhuri Dixit & Tata Nexon EVMadhuri Dixit With Her Husband

John Abraham

Anyone remotely familiar with John Abraham would know that he has a massive passion for bikes. In fact, he has around 17 bikes in his garage. However, it doesn’t mean that he doesn’t have cars at all. While he has the luxury cars befitting a Bollywood actor, the most ‘normal’ car in his fleet is a Maruti Gypsey. He also owns an Isuzu V-Cross pickup truck as well.

John Abraham & His Maruti GypsyJohn Abraham & His Maruti Gypsy

Anil Kapoor

The evergreen actor owns a large collection of pricey luxury vehicles, but the Tata Safari is the cheapest of the lot. Back in the day, many famous people, including politicians, cricket players, and movie actors, used to own Safaris. At that time, it was valued at about Rs 13 lakh.

Anil Kapoor & His Tata SafariAnil Kapoor & His Tata Safari


Thalaiva is known for his down-to-earth nature and simple lifestyle. Although we have seen him driving exotic cars in his movies (needless to say he owns many of them too), he has got a priceless possession. It is the Premier Padmini! Rajinikanth has been spotted multiple times in his Pad. Aamir Khan also owned one but Rajnikanth has maintained it in its best conditions and owns it in the present time as well.

Premier PadminiPremier Padmini

Malaika Arora

The sultry bombshell owns a petrol Toyota Innova Crysta among others. Known for its reliability and ample space, the MPV is widely popular in India. Malaika's Innova comes with a 2694 cc engine, 148 bhp at 3400 rpm, 360 nm peak torque between 1400-2600 rpm. The price of Crysta starts from 16 lakhs and goes up to Rs 25 lakh.

Malaika Arora With Her Innova CrystaMalaika Arora With Her Innova Crysta

Amitabh Bachchan

Can you imagine, the living legend driving a car like Tata Nano? Forget about his stature, his height alone wouldn't allow him to sit in the Nano comfortably. But in actuality, he does. The pocket-sized car is priced between Rs 2-4 lakhs and comes equipped with a 624 cc engine.

Tata NanoTata Nano