Mrunal Manmay Dash

Hero MotoCorp, India’s leading two-wheeler manufacturer, has set its sights on British soil. Their weapon of choice? The mighty Hero Mavrick 440, a stylish and A2-license compliant roadster that promises a thrilling ride at an unbeatable price.

The UK launch marks a significant step for Hero MotoCorp’s global ambitions. As per reports, by partnering with MotoGB, a well-established distribution network, they plan to not only conquer British streets but also make inroads into other European markets. This strategic move positions Hero as a major player in the global motorcycle scene.

Hero MotoCorp is aiming the Mavrick 440 squarely at the budget-conscious rider, offering a sub-£5,000 price tag. This competitive price point positions the Mavrick as a serious contender in the UK motorcycle market, ready to take on established names like Royal Enfield and even the mighty Triumph.

The A2 license category in the UK restricts riders to motorcycles with an engine power output of up to 47bhp. The Hero Mavrick 440 falls comfortably within this limit, making it an ideal choice for new riders looking for a motorcycle that offers both performance and affordability.

While the Mavrick 440 shared its underpinnings with the Harley-Davidson X440, it is the highest displacement motorcycle in Hero’s portfolio. Built around a trellis frame, the motorcycle is powered by a 440cc single-pot air-cooled mill capable of churning out 27 bhp and 36 Nm and comes mated to a slick 6-speed gearbox with a slipper clutch.

The motorcycle offers a commanding yet comfortable riding stance, LED lighting all around, an all-digital instrument console that’s Bluetooth enabled with turn-by-turn navigation and more. It has an all-metal body, and the overall fit and finish are good.