Odishatv Bureau

The ban on PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds' (PUBG) app created a stir
among the gaming creators and professional streamers in India. But the
gaming creators are already on a quest to shift focus from PUBG to
other games which can prove as alternatives.

This ban is expected to change the way India's small but emerging game
streaming and the professional gaming community is creating content.
The video game wasn’t just played for entertainment but it was also a
source of income and fame for them.

There are a number of YouTubers who had different plans for their
subscribers to watch their game streaming. One way was through the
Super Chat feature on YouTube which connected the viewers to the
streamers by paying money to the streamer. It ranged from Rs. 40 to
Rs. 10,000.

There were also membership plans where they could buy membership to
see their favourite gamers playing PUBG, and even paying higher
amounts to read their names and comment.

While the revenue earned from game streaming is affected, the impact
can also be seen in the money coming from PUBG tournaments. For
example, PUBG Mobile India Tour, 2019 had a prize pool of Rs. 1.5
crore but viewers don’t have many options when it comes to gaming
content in India. So the big gamers will still have a niche audience
for themselves even when they shift to other games.