4 elephant poachers arrested

Mayurbhanj: The forest department has booked four persons for their alleged involvement in the killing of three elephants inside the core areas of the Similipal Sanctuary. Forest officials said that all the four belonged to villages around the Similipal.The officials suspected that some others were involved in the gruesome killing of the elephants apart from the four arrested persons. But they were unwilling to disclose any name lest it would hamper investigations.

The three dead elephants, including one male elephant with its tusk missing, were recovered on last Friday. The highly decomposed bodies were lying near a pond and it was feared that the pond water was poisoned by the poachers. Meanwhile, several environmentalists and wildlife lovers have started sitting on hunger strike at the famous Kichakeswari Mandir at Khhiching to protest government inaction to protect the elephants from poaching menace.