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 Benefits of a hot shower?
Hot shower and its benefits, know here

Did you know that apart from relaxation, a hot shower has several other benefits too?

Adding colours to your plate aids in managing your weight
Managing weight: Know how adding colours to your plate helps maintain weight

However, bear in mind that if you begin eating fruit and vegetables in addition to what you already eat, you will be consuming additional calories and could potentially gain weight

  • Monday, 20 March 2023
Balancing work and life
Balancing work and life through spirituality

We learn and we earn, only for others to burn what we earn. We don't realize that what we are working for has no meaning.

  • Sunday, 19 March 2023
5 Strategies to optimise sleep and productivity

We all want to know the key to being very productive, but in our quest, we compromise the most crucial productivity practice

  • Friday, 17 March 2023
Common hair care myths in transition season you should know now
Common hair care myths in transition season you should know now

Let's say you may have been informed or heard not to wash your hair every day since it could lead to breakage or that you should occasionally oil your hair to treat dandruff.

  • Monday, 13 March 2023
preventing lifestyle diseases
5 essential healthcare measures for every urban woman to prevent lifestyle diseases

Urban women are more often diagnosed with lifestyle diseases like hypertension and diabetes. Here are 5 healthcare measures to prevent them.

  • Saturday, 11 March 2023
 Casual Sexism: A Big 'No' at the workplace.
How to address casual sexism at workplace

Most women do not report, as they feel this is "normal" or are often told that they are overthinking.

Protect your hair and skin this Holi
Protect your hair and skin this Holi

Protecting your skin and hair during Holi is utmost requirement for everyone, and it is always advisable to use organic and natural colours and one should always use more water and flower petals and less of colours.

  • Tuesday, 07 March 2023
Living Room
5 living room trends you need to get rid of this season

The living room is usually considered the "heart" of the house. It is the primary setting for family and friends to get together and serves multiple purposes. The living room is where people relax, socialise and create memories.

  • Sunday, 05 March 2023
Why it's important to time your workouts

A common misconception around fitness remains that working out for longer durations fetches better results. The reality is quite the contrary.

Dating at workplace
Dating a colleague at office: 5 things to keep in mind

Dating a colleague at your office has its pros and cons. You must keep in mind a few things to ensure that the relationship do not affect your job or career.

Summer skin care
Summer skincare tips: 5 cooling facemasks to beat the heat

Summer can cause a lot of skin issues. These 6 cooling face masks are effective in treating skin problems like rashes, inflammation, and sunburn.

  • Sunday, 26 February 2023
How to boost Serotonin levels?
How to boost your Serotonin levels naturally and why?

Serotonin levels are the happy chemicals in the body that regulate your mood swings and are involved in many other important processes of the body.

  • Sunday, 26 February 2023
Smartphone Addiction
Smartphone Addiction: Know 5 best ways to beat it

Smartphone addiction is a common problem that is very hard to beat. Here are some effective tips!

  • Saturday, 25 February 2023
Fatty liver disease
6 superfoods that can reverse fatty liver disease

Fatty liver disease is a serious health condition but it can be reversed with proper diet and other lifestyle changes

  • Saturday, 25 February 2023