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How bad is bread for your diet and why avoid it

Bread is a staple food globally and an essential component of many meals. It comes in a variety of forms, including white bread, whole wheat bread, multigrain bread, and sourdough bread.

High heels
Love Heels? Five tips to help you wear high heels more comfortably

High heels lead to high paths and, thereby, higher destinations. Here are 5 essential tips that will allow you to enjoy wearing heels with comfort.

People of these zodiac signs are very lucky, faithful in love!
People of these zodiac signs are very lucky, faithful in love!

There is a lack of commitment and loyalty among couples these days. Many of us lack maturity and understanding, thereby leading to break-ups and ugly fights.

Space saving furniture
Struggling with space? Here are top space-saving items for home

Save space while storing the maximum amount of stuff in your home. Invest in space saving furniture and arrange the normal and everyday stuff in them. Know how.

  • Wednesday, 16 November 2022
Almond Milk
Why is almond milk ideal for those who are vegan or lactose intolerant?

The good news for people who are vegan or lactose intolerant is that almond milk is one of the most popular plant-based milk you can add to your diet.

Five meditation methods for workplace

Professionals working in a 9-5 are often not able to find time for meditation. These methods can help you meditate even while working.

Scalp buildup and dandruff
Three easy ways to get rid of scalp buildup

With an ever increasing exposure to hazardous pollution, application of chemical-based products and intake of unhealthy diet, our hair demands extra care.

Zero-oil food
Here are four tasty zero-oil snacks to satisfy your hunger

Many healthy snacks have emerged as people's awareness of their health has grown. Here is 4 delicious oil-free snacks for you.

Ayurvedic superfoods
According to Ayurveda, consume these five superfoods regularly

You don't have to skip meals, follow a particular and strict diet regime, or indulge in chemical supplements in order to be healthy and fit.

  • Tuesday, 15 November 2022
Men's fashion - this season's top footwear styles and colours to try

A nice collection of footwear is one of the most important fashion essentials in a man's closet. Since men's footwear mainly consists of shoes but it seems with so many styles, nearly everyone enjoys experimenting with them. With the right pair of shoes, any look can be enhanced. You might find it difficult to consistently update your footwear collection due to the rapid changes in fashion trends.

  • Tuesday, 15 November 2022
Animal movement exercises
Try these 5 animal movement exercises to be fit like primates

Ever pondered the reason behind the very good health and fitness of our ancestors or primates when there was no gym and trainers? Well, the "animal movement exercises" were the secret of their energy.

Smartphone Addiction
Your partner is addicted to smartphone, this is how to help her get rid of the addiction

Using a smartphone too much allows you to access a wide range of applications that encourage addictive behaviour. It can also enable behavioural addictions.

Diabetes: It is increasing among children at an alarming rate, what can you do

Diabetes rates in children are rising. Type 1 diabetes is much more common in young people than type 2 diabetes, but the rates of both are increasing.

Dark chocolate
Diabetic and love dark chocolate, go ahead, have it, it’s good for you

Dark chocolate contains flavonoids which reduce insulin resistance caused by high blood sugar levels, which can aid in the prevention of Type 2 diabetes. People who consume a diet high in flavonoids have a lower risk of developing heart disease or stroke, according to research.

Be winter ready with these stylish sunshades

A good pair of sunglasses can elevate your overall look to the next level if you choose them wisely in accordance to the occasion and your face shape.