Sangati Jogwar

News Highlights

  • Fun dating questions are good to give an interesting twist to regular boring conversations.
  • It also reveals a lot about each other.

It is normal to be nervous on your first date. You usually have mixed feelings when meeting someone for the first time. Naturally, you have done some homework about the person you are supposed to meet such as likes or dislikes, profession, interests, and so on.

However, even then, when starting a conversation, you can get into a dilemma. Here are some fun dating questions that are sure to lighten your mood and give you a good start during your date:

Can you remember the most embarrassing song you ever heard?

Embarrassing moments and memories are something to laugh about in the latter years. So in case during your date, if the conversation is not progressing smoothly you can give a twist by asking about the most embarrassing song or even a moment that your date ever faced. It will suddenly lighten the atmosphere and divert the attention to an interesting topic.

Your worst quality according to astrology

While there are many who believe in astrology, the astrologers often make some funny or weird comment that stays with you, such as your worst quality, which ultimately turns out to be your plus point.

Some astonishing or funny song lyrics

Nowadays there is quite a craze for hip-hop and rap songs and many times their lyrics are quite funny or weird. Asking your date to name some such funny lyrics is sure to make her/him brighten up and take interest in conversing with you.

What kind of person are you after drinking?

Every person behaves differently when drunk. Some become chatty, some are over sensitive whereas some become quite angry and violent. So discussing the kind of person you both are after getting drunk can be an interesting twist to your discussion.

Most absurd challenge you accepted

From accepting to go binge-eating or drinking to climbing a tall tree, everyone at one point in time has given in to such absurd challenges. Discussing such things during your date can make the interaction engaging and reveal a lot of things about each other.