‘I would materialize the dreams of the farming community’

One of the hilarious leaders and legislators in Bijua Janata Dal (BJD), Pradip Maharathy, Pipili MLA, recently was inducted in Naveen Patnaik cabinet as agriculture minister. Let’s talk to him directly….

Q, Are you happy as you got a liking department? Have you thought about such department?

A, Nothing is to be happy. The real happiness is if I would materialize the dreams of the farming community in reality. Then I will be happy. I would respect the trust my farmers community have retained on me. Give me one year only I would show you. During my eight months tenure I have done great job. So, there is nothing of not thinking about such department.

Q, During your eight months tenure as agriculture minister in the previous government, seeds were shown in the Assembly that Maharathy’s seeds have become saplings before sowing. What do you say about that?

A, No, I was not the minister at that time. Devi Mishra was the minister. All these things are media hyped.

Q, You have earlier told media that is there any reason of Naveen Patanik being the CM again? But you have been proved wrong now.

A, No, this wrong conception. I meant to say that if there is birth there is death also. I have been winning the elections for the six terms. The important thing is that my people have given three times more votes than earlier times. How was it possible, just think.

Q, You have raised three names indirectly naming as Bramha,Vishnu, Maheswar who are posing hindrance before you for becoming minister. Who are they?

A, You are misleading the fact. If you would go through the Assembly proceeding then you would know the things. Naveen Patnaik is the person who makes the ministers. He has much trust on me on the ground that Pradip Maharathy raises issues concerning to the farmers in Assembly very often. That is why he chose me. Because, he has known that Pradip has come from a village farmer’s family.

Q, What type of farmer you are when you are wondering in bullet jeep?

A, There is no problem that a farmer cannot ride vehicle. If you go to the country Netherland, you will see that all the farmers have imported cars.

Q, Do you think that a odia farmer can ever visit Netherland? How many farmers you have taken from the State to abroad during your eight months tenure?

Q, Why can not the Odia farmers go abroad. I have taken one from Kashipur of Rayagada and another from Ganjam to abroad. You may inquire into.