Nitesh Kumar Sahoo

Are you on a weight-loss mission? People across the world are getting highly concerned about cutting down extra kilos and get a slim figure. Despite following several weight loss tips and performing different workouts, some don't get satisfied results. Even following a proper diet chart doesn't prove to be helpful. Of course, certain habits play a significant role in accelerating weight loss but if you are desperate to get rid of the stubborn belly fat, here we have some simple methods that will help you incredibly to achieve your goal.

Take a tour of the 4 most effective spices that can help you accelerate the burning process of fat in your belly.

Black Pepper

Black Pepper or Kali Mirch is one of the common spices found in Indian kitchen. Black pepper is a good source of Vitamin A, C and K along with minerals and healthy fatty acids. Such incredible composition of nutrients in black pepper acts as a natural metabolic booster. Piperine is a compound found in the spice which speeds up the metabolism process and prevents fat accumulation in the body. Apart from preventing fat accumulation it increases satiety and makes you feel fuller though you consume less food quantity.

You can gulp or chew black pepper directly if you can deal with the burning hot flavour of the spice.

If you the hot burning flavour of the spice is unbearable, you can add a dash of freshly grounded black pepper in your tea cup.

If you are not a tea lover, you can prepare a black pepper drink by adding 1 teaspoon of freshly grounded black pepper in a glass of boiling water and also add 1 teaspoon of honey into the concentration and stir it will. Drink the prepared solution in lukewarm condition.


Cloves or laung is another common spice found in every Indian household. Apart from adding flavour to different dishes, it possesses the essential nutrients that regulates the glucose level and body cholesterol. The spice possesses anti-cholestyramine and anti-lypid properties which accelerates body metabolism. Apart from that the spice improves digestion by regulating bowel movement aiding weight loss.

Roast dry cloves and grind it into fine powder.

Store the powder in an air-tight container.

Add 1 tbsp clove powder to 1 glass boiling water and stir it well.

Add few drops of honey into the water after it cools down.

Drink the water every morning in empty stomach.


Carom or Ajwain is one of the most preferred spices used for proper digestion. The traditionally used spice also is an effective remedy to deal with tooth and ear related pain. Poor digestion affects absorption and assimilation of nutrients which in result builds unnecessary waste and toxins in the body. Ajwain works miraculously in boosting proper digestion which accelerates weight loss.

Soak 2 tbsp of dry roasted ajwain seeds in a cup of water over night.

Boil the water next morning.

Strain the water and intake it in empty stomach.


Cumin or Jeera is an everyday spice used in Indian kitchens. Cumin is packed with certain essential nutrients and antioxidants which accelerates weight loss. This spice is low in calories which is additionally beneficial for curbing belly fat and controlling obesity. Drinking cumin water also flushes out toxins from body and boosts body metabolism power.

Add a spoon of cumin water into lukewarm water and drink it in empty stomach.

You can also try out soaking 2 tbsp of cumin seeds in a cup of water overnight and consume it directly in morning in empty stomach.

The above listed common spices found in your kitchen can help you to achieve your goals of losing weight. But, along with changing your lifestyle, food consumption habits and daily workouts, you must have the idea about the mistakes that can accelerate fat build up.

4 Mistakes To Avoid

Less Sleep- Insufficient sleep results in the formation of ghrelin hormone in the body which triggers the feeling of hunger and leads to over eating. Hence, it’s advisable to avoid caffeine before bedtime and sleep for 7 to 9 hours at night.

Higher Calorie Intake- High calorie intake will increase fat accumulation in the body. Thus, it is advisable to limit the calorie intake and add foods to your diet with limited calories.

Wrong Exercise- Exercising for an extended time may not help you to witness positive outcomes if you are onto irrelevant exercises. Make sure to consult a professional trainer to get the list of perfect exercises to burn belly fat.

Excess Stress- Mental peace is necessary for everyone. But did you know, excess stress can accelerate weight build up? Yes, excess stress stimulates the formation of cortisol in the body which increases fat accumulation in different parts of the body. Apart from that, stress may prevent you from consuming proper diet and you might end up with high-calorie intake.