Helsinki: Frequent sauna use could reduce risks of a sudden cardiac death, research by the University of Eastern Finland has suggested.

Previous studies have found that sauna bathing is a beneficial habit related to better hemodynamic function. However, the association of sauna use with cardiovascular and all-cause mortality was not known, reported Xinhua.

The results of the study published on the latest issue of JAMA Internal Medicine shows that people who take sauna four to seven times a week have risks of cardiac mortality cut down by 63 percent, compared with people who take sauna only once a week.

The results were base on a 20-year follow-up research of a population-based sample of 2,315 middle-aged men from Eastern Finland.

According to the research, sauna bathing was also found to reduce mortality caused by coronary and other cardiovascular diseases.

Sauna is an essential part of the Finnish culture. There are over 3 million saunas in Finland with only 5.4 million of population which means every household has at least one sauna in average. For generations, Finns have always believed that sauna has many health benefits.