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Breakfast, the most important meal of your day! Here’s why

‘Breakfast’ the name itself says breaking the fast! After a long over-night fast, the body needs energy and metabolism to work for the next day. To begin your day without breakfast is just similar to starting your vehicle without petrol.

Breakfast gives you the energy to focus on your work and daily activities.  A healthy breakfast lowers level of body cholesterol, improves memory and helps fight obesity.

There are several reasons why the morning meal is the best meal of the day. Here are three of the most important pointers why you shouldn’t miss your morning meal –

Eating breakfast boosts metabolism – When you wake up in the morning, the blood sugar level in the body is low and you feel sluggish. When you eat a healthy breakfast rich with nutrients and vitamins, it replenishes your body and gears up its metabolism level.

Skipping Breakfast Results in Overeating – When you skip the morning breakfast, your body is deprived of nutrients that it needs to help you with your daily work early in the day. Skipping of breakfast results in fall of blood sugar levels thereby making you crave to eat something sweet or fatty. This also leads to overeating later in the day.

Breakfast energises your brain and mood – Missing out on breakfast reduces mental alertness. When you step out with an empty stomach you struggle with lack of energy and feel stressed.  A healthy breakfast improves attention, memory and enhances the problem solving ability.

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