Who is Sunny and who cares: Amar Upadhyay

Mumbai: Popular TV actor Amar Upadhyay, who could not win the reality show Bigg Boss that ended Saturday night, says, he is not bothered about the allegations made by the female co-contestants that he was trying to be "touchy" with them.

Bigg Boss contestants Shonali Nagrani, Sunny Leone had earlier alleged that Amar was trying to be touchy with them. "Amar was trying to be touchy with me. I told him repeatedly not to do so, but he never wanted to listen. He did this thrice and then I had to put my foot down and sternly told him to stay away," Sunny had said earlier during an interview.

When asked about the allegations leveled by Shonali and Sunny, Amar, said, "The people, I have worked with or those who know me, are aware what kind of person I am. My family knows what I am. In case of Shonali, she has apologised to me hundred times. No one has ever told anything wrong about me, so who is Sunny and who cares what she had said."

"I am a family person and my family knows how I behave. I have always respected women in my life," he said.

Amar became popular with his character – Mihir Virani, he became the favourite beta of Television. For the first time Amar did a reality show. "I have always openly said that I have played games. I tried to play a smart game I used my mind and not my heart. I tested my patience level and I have no hard feelings for any one. I am happy that I am out of the house, but sad that I could not win," he said.

Another popular TV serial bahu Juhi Parmar won the fifth season of Bigg Boss and Amar also felt Juhi had a strong chance of winning. "I knew she would win. Ab India ka beta nahi jeeta toh it was obvious ki bahu jeetegi," he said.