This Is The Real Reason Deepika Padukone May Never Work With Salman Khan

Salman Khan is the biggest star of Bollywood today and most of the actresses who want to improve their standing in the Hindi film industry are eager to work with him. But there is one actress whose name was always at the forefront whenever pairing for a Salman Khan movie was under consideration. But somehow, she never accepted projects that included the “Dabaang” star.

Today, Deepika Padukone is the reigning queen of Bollywood who has given back-to-back hits like “Padmavat.” But a few years ago she was just a Bollywood star like others. Even then, when she had an opportunity to work with the Bhaijaan she somehow managed to reject the proposal. So, everyone is wondering as to why the wife of Ranvir Singh is not so keen on pairing up with Salman.

Deepika’s Issues For Working With Salman

Although nothing has surfaced until now, it seems that there is a sort of unstated hostility between these two stars due to which fans are yet to see both of them sharing screen space. According to a close friend of the “Piku” actress the 53-old-actor has until now worked with heroines who pamper him and laugh at his jokes. In other words, most of these actresses have a comfort level with Salman and are ready to overlook certain things of the superstar to ensure that they continue to remain in his circle.

Contrary to that, Deepika has always stood her grounds and ensured that she gets her way. She has come up through her dedication and hard work without any Godfather to back. Recently, when Salman Khan called depression being a luxury, Deepika immediately hit back.

So, there is a major difference in personal values and comfort level between the two stars and hence in the future also it is highly unlikely that Deepika will work with Salman Khan. It is not the first time that any actress has decided against working with Salman. Before Deepika, even Juhi Chawla refused to do any movie with the “Sultan” star.

By Sangati Jogwar