Sangati Jogwar

Taapsee Pannu and her sister Shagun Pannu indulged in a funny banter on the day of Rakshabandhan. In the video clip titled, "#Rakshabandhan with a twist!" the actress gives a sneak peek of the bond she shares with her younger sister.  The two girls are playing #My First Homie.  As the banter progresses it reveals why the two are so close to each other.

Talking about her first homie who is also her sister Shagun, Taapsee says, "You have just lived with that person since the person was born like from the first breathe till now. Yeh jis hisab se chal raha hai muzhe lagta hai ke in case you get married you will end up marrying me only. Main dahej main aaungi tere sath." Even Shagun says, "Ya" to this funny outpour from the Badla actress.

Taapsee Pannu is obsessed with  herself, Says Shagun

It is a sort of question and answers session where the two sisters talk about each other. When Taapsee asks Shagun to describe her first homie, the younger sister says my first homie is obsessed with herself. Shagun further adds that currently, Taapsee's favorite pass-time is taking care of plants and that very soon the plants will find a way inside their room.

When it is her turn to answer the same question, Taapsee says, "My first homie came a little late in the world. By that time I was already everybody's favorite." During the game, Shagun ranks Taapsee 5 on 5 as a friend. Meanwhile, Taapsee says sometimes she has to shake Shagun to demonstrate that she is the elder one. Incidentally, the actress is four years older than Shagun but believes she never looks like so.

The first memory of Shagun having a homie is when Taapsee banged her head on a table. Additionally, it led to Shagun getting stitches on her forehead. While the first memory of Taapsee of having a homie is being clicked forcefully with her sister.

Things That They Learned About Each Other In Lockdown

According to Shagun the first thing that she noticed during the lockdown is that Taapsee Pannu is an amazing cook. While Taapsee said it was a revelation to learn that Shagun can be a morning person. Taapsee says, "I thought she is a ullu, like a night person." Eventually, they wind up saying that having a homie means you can spend holidays together, share the same clothes, shoes, and have a similar routine. With most of the friends busy in their routine or now married having your sister who can travel with you at any given time is a blessing.

The actress celebrated her birthday recently at home with Shagun. Her last released movie was Thappad which received a warm response. Next, she will be seen in Jana Gana Mana and Haseen Dillruba.