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Sangati Jogwar

Sonakshi Sinha today shared an insightful video on her Instagram account. The clip reveals how cyberbullies targetted a young girl Moira Sachdev. As a matter of fact, the bullying caused her severe anxiety and depression. At one point of time, she even contemplated committing suicide. In her comment section attached to the video, Sonakshi says, "Why are you so stupid, fat and ugly??? Arrey Kuch Khata Hai ya Nahi? Yeh ladka hai ya ladki! And these aren’t even the worst of them..."

She further adds, "It's so easy to make mean remarks, but ever thought about the trauma and mental impact it can have on someone? Words Can Kill, Literally! Toh, AB BAS."


In yet another followup post, the actress writes, "It takes few seconds to post a negative comment online and the damage done can leave someone scarred for life! For the next chapter of #FullStopToCyberBullying, I spoke to @moirasachdev, a young girl who faced such negativity online that she contemplated suicide ..But there's always hope. "


Sonakshi Sinha Says 'Ab Bas'

Sonakshi Sinha is one of the many celebrities who keep on facing cyberbullying and nasty trolls on social media accounts. Moreover, the bullying many times turn into threats and cheap personal remarks. Also, after the death of Sushant Singh Rajput, the attack on star kids on social media multiplied further. That is when the Dabangg actress decided to take a constructive step to put an end to cyberbullying. She teamed up with the Special IGP of Maharashtra to join an initiative run by Mission Josh.

The campaign titled 'Full Stop to Cyberbullying' also includes several cyber experts who will guide the team from time to time. The first interaction aired on 26th July. Additionally, since then Sonakshi Sinha has been sharing promos of upcoming episodes.

Sonakshi Sinha is campaigning strongly against cyberbullies. In her first video, the actress says, "Screen ke piche baithke fake id se bully karna toh asan hai. par kya aap logon par iske bure asar ke baare  mein jante ho? Kitna asan hota hoga na kisike personal pictures ka gairistamal karna. Computer screen ke piche baith ke gali galouj karna. kisiko vulgar message bhejna, behuda comments bhejna. Jaan ki dhamki dena. Aise trolls ka shikar bahut log hote hai. mein bhi unme se ek hoon. par ab baas."


Mission Josh is all about Knowing How To Fight Cyberbullying

In her first post that accompanied the above video, the Dabangg actress revealed why she decided to join Mission Josh. Sonakshi says, "It's time to stop the pandemic that’s plaguing our online world- Cyber Bullying and harassment. Full Stop To Cyber Bullying is a campaign by Mission Josh, where I have teamed up with Special IGP Mr. Pratap Dighavkar with an aim to create awareness and educate people about online harassment, trolls, impact on the mental health of victims who have faced trolling. Ab bas, NO more online harassment!"

The second video shows the IGP himself, Cybercrime investigator Ritesh Bhatia, and the founder of Mission Josh Mansi and Vinav discussing the issues related to cyberbullying. Bhatia asks the victims to register a complaint on CYBERCRIME.GOV.IN. Furthermore, the entire episode focus on knowing about cyberbullying, how it affects people, and how the experience is different for various people.


More such posts and videos will follow as Sonakshi Sinha is aggressively campaigning against cyberbullying. Incidentally, Sonakshi Sinha will share the second episode of the campaign tomorrow on her Instagram account.

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