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Bollywood singer Sona Mohapatra is once again making the headlines with her latest heated argument with journalist-activist Mallika Dua. The singer has been earlier seen lashing out at big shots like Salman Khan, Sonu Nigam and Kailash Kher over Black buck poaching case and #Metoo movement, respectively.

Sona Mohapatra was sharply critical of Salman Khan after the actor’s conviction in Blackbuck poaching case. She took her resentment to Twitter to lash out at the celebrity who was back then sentenced for five years imprisonment in a Jodhpur court. Similarly, Sona had also attacked Sonu Nigam over twitter for standing in defense of Anu Malik when the music composer was dragged into the #Metoo movement.

This time the singer has picked up a fight with Mallika Dua who instigated a heated argument by posting several tweets over Sona's approach in the recent Arghya Basu suicide case.

Filmmaker Arghya Basu reportedly hanged himself, due to depression in Kolkata on March 1, 2019. The 48-year-old documentary maker was accused by Nishtha Jain (Sona's close friend) of sexual assault during the #MeToo movement, an allegation which he denied.

Mallika Dua called out singer Sona Mohapatra with a series of tweets saying that she misses her 'toxic activism' regarding Arghya Basu's suicide.

Sona didn't keep her mum on Mallika's tweets and took to her Facebook account to post a message for Mallika Dua saying that her values and belief systems needed a check as her 'feminism of convenience isn't fooling anyone.'

Journalist and activist Mallika Dua is the daughter of senior journalist Vinod Dua who was was accused of sexual harassment during #Metoo movement.

(With inputs from Republic TV)

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