NRI actor in film on Indian diaspora

Kolkata: Mirroring the Indian diaspora in the US, and how home struck Bengalis cope with contradicting realities back home in his character 'Maach Misti & More', actor Shauvik Kundagrami said he was 100 per cent Kolkatan to the core.

"I am not a migratory bird flocking to this city in one time of the year. I am as much at home in this city as I am in San Jose or elsewhere in the States. I have Bengali genes within me but again I am cosmopolitan outside like every present day Kolkatan," Shauvik told PTI here.

Asked if the character's supposed return to America, after deciding to set up base in the city of his roots implied Kolkata was not as much adaptive to the changes, Shauvik said "on the contrary you may dub it as the clock turning full circle. Things change but then again return back to where they were."

Shauvik, who had also featured in Anjan Dutt's Bong Connection in 2006, would rate the two films as two sides of mirrors.

"In 'Bong Connection', US came more alive with its people and places and the Bengali community. While in 'Maach Misti…' it is more about the contemporary Bengaliness which goes beyond fish and sweets, traditional coffee shops and 'kobiraji cutlet', the settings are Kolkata and its new generation which is more well-versed with facebook than their elders but equally adept in penning a letter which is passe elsewhere."

"This is my take on the movie. Bakita Mainak bolbe (the rest you hear from Mainak)" he said after the premier here.

Already being part of three major Bengali films having won unstinted praises from both audiences and critics (Antaheen and Maach Misti….apart from Bong Connection)," Shauvik said, "in US my expatriates look at my work more from curiosity factor I guess."

"They kinda see me on screen and feel connected as I am a part of them, and also oh he has acted opposite Raima, Parambrata. Here in Kolkata, I am more being recognised as part of industry by people going by the feedback but honestly I am still learning the ropes," he said.

Shauvik, who had co-produced Bong Connection, said Tripod entertainment, which co-produced Maach Misti & More, would encourage more such out-of-the box flicks like Maach Misti.