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Miss Argentina and Miss Puerto Rico announced their engagement on social media, causing quite a stir. The two beauty queens met at the 2020 pageant. They can be seen kissing outside the courtroom where they appear to have officiated their ceremony in a video shared online. With this real-life incident in mind, here are some same-sex marriages that occurred in TV shows and films worldwide.

Badhaai Do

The movie Badhaai Do provides insight into the lives of Suman Singh and Shardul Thakur, who wed in order to put an end to their families' incessant probing into their private affairs. Suman and Shardul get married in secret to hide their personal lives from prying eyes. It is a "marriage of convenience" when a man and a woman who are both homosexuals decide to wed in order to appear to the public as a heterosexual couple.

Schitt’s Creek

Schitt's Creek's final season saw David Rose (Dan Levy) plan his ideal wedding to Patrick (Noah Reid) in full groomzilla mode. David's mother Moira Rose officiated the union. The Jazzagals performed a cappella renditions of Tina Turner's "The Best" and James Morrison's "Precious Love" at the wedding.

I Love Us 2

Actors Roaleey Ryan and Supyarde Singh are paired up in a romantic relationship in EORTV's most-watched series, I Love Us 2. The two lovers can be seen in a wedding scene in the most recent episode. In order to promote an inclusive society in the nation, EORTV celebrates same-sex relationships on television.

Grey's Anatomy

Grey's Anatomy shows same-sex marriage. One of the episodes features the traditional lavish wedding of Callie (Sara Ramirez) and Arizona (Jessica Capshaw). The leading ladies get married in a lovely white ceremony in front of their loved ones.

Four More Shots Please

The final few episodes of Four More Shots please second season feature the meeting of two strong women characters Umang and Samaira at a wedding aisle while they are both dressed as brides. Even in Season 3, the programme continues to explore the two characters' same-sex relationships in a mature manner.

Since ancient times, homosexuality has been a contentious issue in India. It is a sensitive subject that quickly sparks debate whenever it is brought up in television shows or motion pictures. Bollywood has been making LGBTQ-themed movies in an effort to raise awareness among the public for the past few years.