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Nalin Singh coming up with film on Saddams trial

Mumbai: Writer-actor Nalin Singh, who makes his debut as a director with the upcoming film `Trial of Saddam Hussain`, intends to invoke opinion of common man on governance, ideologies of the government, and foreign policies.

Nalin, whose film `Hitler My Friend` has been in the limelight for various reasons, is all set to make a film on Iraqi dictator who was executed.

"It is a high time to address all the issues including what kind of governance we want, ideologies of the government, foreign policies and our relations with our neighbours, among others. Hence I want to make `Trial of Saddam Hussain`."

Singh said after the film`s screenings, he would interact with the audiences through video conferencing to know their opinions on various subjects, and the recordings would later be given to concerned authorities in the government, TV channels and other media.

About the film, Nalin said, "It is a campus-based story of my times…it is all about my stay in Hindu college hostel (Delhi). At the hostel we used to discuss a lot of international and domestic politics. The film will also have a day-to-day account of the court-room trial of Saddam Hussein."

On how the idea of a film on Saddam Hussain came up, Nalin said, "I was looking for an international subject with an Indian connection. After Hitler I found that Saddam`s name was equally familiar in India as well as abroad."

Nalin is keen on casting veteran actor Naseeruddin Shah to play Saddam in the film.

"I am still in the scripting stage. Hopefully I expect to start shooting the movie by the end of this year. My first choice for Saddam is Naseeruddin; if he likes the character and the script, he should definitely go for it."

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