Most Bollywood celebrities not in town on Holi

Mumbai: At a time when everyone is busy splashing colors and water on each other, most of the B-town celebs are not in town, and those who are, are not celebrating.

Bachchan family has a reason to rejoice all the more this Holi, with the new addition to the household, Abhishek and Aishwarya`s daughter; but as Amitabh Bachchan recently underwent an abdominal surgery, the family won`t be playing the festival of colors.

"Lit the `Holika` at Prateeksha and Jalsa, did the small pooja, a bit of gulal on everyones forehead, and on the feet of elders. So many memories of Holi through the years tomorrow I shall sit by and watch…unable to play yet. Nothing much at home either for Holi, unlike most years but soon we shall catch up perhaps next year, God willing," Bachchan said on twitter.

"But my wishes for all….colors in life, and at work ever!!," he said.

Shahrukh Khan is not in India to celebrate the festival as he is busy shooting for Yash Chopra`s upcoming movie with Katrina Kaif in London. Even Salman Khan is not in town, he is reportedly at his farm house, while Aamir Khan does not play Holi much.

"Not celebrating Holi this year at Janki Kutir because I`m shooting in Rajkot and brother Baba shooting elsewhere Sad to break 50 year tradition," veteran actress Shabana Azmi tweeted.