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Mick Jagger, A R Rahman release their first single

New Delhi: Former `Rolling Stones` frontman Mich Jagger, who has collaborated with A R Rahman and three other music superstars for a new band `Super Heavy`, have released their first single `Miracle Worker`.

Jagger, Rahman, Dave Stewart, Joss Stone and Damien Marley are also planning to come up with their first album by September.

Rahman, who one two Oscars for his music in `Slumdog Millionaire`, is thrilled by the idea of being part of such a band.

“It took me way back to my high school days when I was playing in a rock band, but this one was a real one!” said Rahman.

Jagger says he couldn`t believe that the band would actually come to life.

“I said it sounds like a good idea, I never thought it would actually happen,” said Jagger.

The band `Super Heavy` with diverse and electric line up who share 11 Grammy Awards between them, have been recording together in various studios around the world.

“It`s the most complicated record ever made. Imagine, some of it`s recorded in LA, some of it`s recorded in the South of France, some of it`s recorded off the coast of Cyprus, some of it`s recorded in Turkey, some of it`s recorded in Miami, some of it`s recorded in the Caribbean, and some of it`s recorded in Chennai, in India,” said Stewart.

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