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  • Sanjeeda is currently in limelight for playing Waheeda in Heeramandi.
  • Recently she revealed how being beautiful worked against her in this movie industry.

Sanjeeda Sheikh is a very popular television actress who has struggled a lot to get an entry into Bollywood. Despite being one of the most beautiful girls in the entertainment industry, Sanjeeda could not attract good projects both in Bollywood and OTT. Currently, she is basking in the glory of the success of Heeramandi, a Sanjay Leela Bhansali directorial on Netflix that has become a hot topic of discussion almost everywhere on the web since its release at the start of this month.

During one of her interviews recently, Sanjeeda Sheikh also spilled beans on her struggle so far as an actress and the experience of working with a huge Bollywood director like Sanjay Leela Bhansali. When the host asked her whether she was ever insecure due to beauty or vanity The Ek Haseena Thi actress said, “I did feel insecure about being pretty about when I did not get a role or something. There were times when ya they would say, ya you are too pretty so you won’t be getting this part. So it's like a different mindset.”

The actress added, “It has happened to me a lot. But I think I will deal with it. Thik hai if there is something that requires a pretty face with some kind of performance they will cast me. And here I am with a scar on this character. But I think this scar has given so much to the character of Waheeda. I think it is a constant reminder for Waheeda’s character who she was who she has become and who she does not want to become.”

In Heeramandi, Sanjeeda Sheikh plays the role of Waheeda who has a backstory wherein lies the reason why she got a particular scar although otherwise, she is extremely beautiful. Her work in the movie has been highly appreciated.

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