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Sangati Jogwar

Kundali Bhagya is back to number one spot on TRP and all it is because of the twist and drama that the makers keep on coming up with week after week. Preeta and Karan are at the two ends. Both love each other but there is so much misunderstanding between these two that their union does not seem possible.

And then some people do not want them to come together and are always trying to do something that can increase the gap between Karan and Preeta. Although Karan has always blamed and misbehaved with Preeta, the latter has never given up on her love. But now something will happen that is sure to break her down.

Karan Sends Notice To Preeta?

Fans of Kundali Bhagya already know that both Prithvi and Sherlyn are the main culprits who are trying to turn Preeta and Karan against each other. Sherlyn sends property papers to the Luthra family. But they misunderstand that the papers have been sent by Preeta and start blaming her. No one knows about the game plan of Prithvi and Sherlyn in the Luthra house.

When Karan finds out that Preeta has sent property papers, he becomes extremely angry. The family members even start discussing whether the marriage between Preeta and Karan did take place or not. Sherlyn further fuels this anger and discussion by saying that Preeta was well aware that the Luthra family will take objection to this marriage and that is why she has threatened to impose act of 420 on Karan.

In reality, all this is doing of Prithvi and Sherlyn. Now all this disturbs Kareena, Rakhi aunty and everyone in the house which angers Karan very much. He then calls his lawyers and asks them to send notice to Preeta. Elsewhere, Preeta has no inkling about all this and hence when Karan’s notice reaches her she is surprised, angry and finally breaks down.

Kartika cries in her room and Myra pacifies her. Karan sees them talking and decides to take the legal route with Preeta.

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