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Kavita Kaushik Walks Out Of Bigg Boss 14 Post Ugly Fight With Rubina Dilaik

Since the finale week has begun, the house has been witnessing high-voltage drama and surprise evictions. In another shocking turn of events, Kavita Kaushik walked out of the Bigg Boss house yesterday after an ugly spat with Rubina Dilaik.

Rubina and Kavita got into a massive fight that escalated quickly when the FIR actor threatened Ruby saying that she will teach her a lesson once they are outside the house. Kavita shouts at her, “Do you know your husband’s truth? Ek lafa marungi, nikal yaha se.” It was referred to her revelation about their marriage heading to divorce. This made the Shakti actor lose her cool.

Abhinav Shukla in the meanwhile witnessed the fight standing on the side, not interfering in the fight. As the fight got physical, Bigg Boss intervened and slammed the contestant for getting physical and not doing anything that could entertain the audience. BB then opened the doors and asked the willing contestants to quit the game then and there itself.

In the end, Kavita walked out of the house through the main exit in a rage after which, Rubina says, “Senseless – exactly what Kavita Kaushik is.” Ex-contestants shared their views on Kaushik’s exit on social media while the housemates and audience were shocked and in disbelief.

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