Hrithik Roshan to miss India-Sri Lanka Final

Mumbai: Bollywood Actor Hrithik Roshan is among those who has not been able to take a day off from work today to watch the World Cup final between India and Sri Lanka.

The actor will be shooting for the adapted version of the 1990-hit `Agneepath`. Hrithik had alloted his dates months in advance and till two days back no one knew that India would be in the finals today, sources close to him said.

Hrithik himself loves cricket and like everyone in the country he is a huge Sachin Tendulkar fan.

Knowing Hrithik`s love for the game, producer Karan Johar asked Hrithik if he would like to take a day off to watch the final but the professional actor said a firm, "No"

Over 400 junior artistes have been called for shooting on the huge set that has been constructed for the sequence.

The producer would have incurred a huge loss running into lakhs if a day`s shoot was cancelled, sources said.

Though Hrithik appreciated Karan`s gesture, he did not want tobe responsible for wasting Karan`s money. Of course, the junior artistes and the other daily wage earners were thrilled with Hrithik`s gesture.

Meanwhile, several Bollywood personalities including Aamir Khan and Lara Dutta are expected to be witnessing the match.