Emily Blunt had a terrifying shark encounter

Los Angeles: Actress Emily Blunt and her husband John Kraskinski were left terrified when they were “charged” by a shark while on honeymoon in 2010.

“It’s very scary… I know every shark looks like Jaws, but these really look like Jaws and they’re huge…and they swim very close. Emily never wanted to learn scuba diving and I was like ‘We’ll never get into trouble with sharks’,” Kraskinski told talk show host Ellen DeGeneres, reports femalefirst.co.uk.

“All of a sudden one broke off from the circle and started swimming behind us. I saw it and Emily didn’t. He started to charge Emily, so my decision was ‘If I spook her and she moves a lot, he might bite her.’ I just let it ride,” he added.

The shark drifted past Blunt and when she realised it was so close, her spouse was left terrified by what happened next.

“Air bubbles came out, she kind of passed out under water. All of her air just went to the top, it was pretty scary.”

Thankfully for the couple, a sea turtle then came and cheered up the 32-year-old actress.

“A sea turtle that came up, I’m not kidding, put his arm around her and then started petting her head. He hugged her. It was like he knew she had had a bad day and was like ‘Sorry about my buddy Terry, he gets real close on the flybys’,” Kraskinski said.