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Arbaaz wants to make films besides ‘Dabangg’ series

Mumbai: Actor-turned-director Arbaaz Khan intends to take the 'Dabangg' franchise ahead but would like to direct and produce other films as well.

Arbaaz turned producer with 'Dabangg' in 2010 and the second instalment 'Dabangg 2' (2012) saw him directing as well producing the film. Now he is keen to take the series ahead.

"It ('Dabangg') has the potential to go forward and there is good likelihood that it will. But when, how it will happen, I don't know… It may happen in two or four years, I don't know when exactly. There is definitely a potential that it can go into third sequel," Arbaaz told PTI.

Apart from the 'Dabangg' series, Arbaaz would also like to make other kind of films as a producer and director.

"I would want to… I would like to direct a film before one more film in the 'Dabangg' series. That is something which would really excite me. As a producer also I might take up a film soon. I might put up a film that would excite me, by early next year," he said.

Arbaaz would like to work with his brother Salman, who featured in both of his films, again, provided he is free of his other film commitments.

"I will try to (do a film with him). But he is a very busy actor. He has commitments to honour. We have to wait for him for sometime, which is not a bad idea. Why wouldn't any one wait for him, forget that he is my brother. I think a director might not do anything for two or three years than waiting for him," he said.

"But looking at Salman's commitments he won't be available for next two years. That is the earliest time, he can take more time – say three or four years. In these two years, I can give momentum to my production house. In that time period I should grow my company, production house or produce or direct films," he added.

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