Absence of dialogues, songs in Barfi left Ranbir frustrated

Mumbai: Actor Ranbir Kapoor, who plays the role of a deaf and mute person in his upcoming silent film `Barfi`, says he was frustrated as he did not have any dialogues or songs in the movie.

In the film directed by Anurag Basu there are very few dialogues and Ranbir plays the role of a deaf and mute person called `Barfi`. "I was frustrated that I did not even say one dialogue or sing a song. A Hindi film hero wants to have his dialogues or sing songs. But its ok, shooting for this film was a fun experience," Ranbir told reporters at the promotional event of `Barfi` here.

"My director Anurag wanted that my character must have relatability with the audience. They must be able to understand what I am feeling. I hope I have done that…I hope audience like me in the film," he said.

Ranbir also went on to say that as there were no dialogues for him in the film, it was like a game of dumb charades. "There were no dialogues for my character in the film, but I enjoyed it. I used to go on the sets and play dumb charades and come back," he said.

Ranbir, who was last seen in Imtiaz Ali`s intense romantic musical film `Rockstar`, is happy to have done a film like `Barfi`. "I am quite looking forward to this film. After doing an intense film like `Rockstar` i was little depressed. this film is like a breath of fresh air. Its a happy fresh entertaining family film," he said.

Even though it is being said that Ranbir`s act in `Barfi` promos reminds one of Charlie Chaplin and his grandfather Raj Kapoor, the actor insists that he had not copied any of them.

"Charlie Chaplin is the father of comedy…all actors have been influenced by him…even my grandfather was. But I have not tried to copy him in `Barfi`. I have tried to play my role in my own way…I have followed whatever my director asked me to do," he said.