Reliance signs revised listing agreement with BSE

Chennai: The Mukesh Ambani-led Reliance Industries Ltd on Tuesday became the first BSE-listed entity to sign the revised listing agreement as mandated by the market regulator, said BSE.

In a statement, BSE said: “The process of signing of the revised Listing Agreement as mandated under the newly-introduced Listing Regulations notified by SEBI (Securities and Exchange Board of India), has been initiated at the BSE, with Reliance Industries Ltd. having signed the new Listing Agreement today (Tuesday).”

“It is a matter of pride for both, that one of the top companies of the Indian corporate sector has become the first company to sign the new Listing Agreement with Asia’s oldest and the world’s fastest Stock Exchange – BSE,” the statement added.

The SEBI had notified the new listing regulations from September 2, 2015 and the same are effective from December 1, 2015.

As part of the new listing norms, SEBI has mandated all existing listed entities to execute a fresh and simplified Listing Agreement with the Stock Exchange where they are listed, within six months of the notification date of September 2, 2015.

BSE expects that all listed companies will strive to ensure that the new Listing Agreement is signed well within the timelines specified by SEBI.