Weekly Horoscope for December 5-11: People of these zodiacs may change their job, battle with mental tranquilly

Curious to know about what stars have destined for you in the upcoming week in terms of love, career and financial growth, read on to know your astrological prediction as per your zodiac signs for the week from December 5 to December 11.



Sunday 04 Dec 2022

You'll continue to have a good time this week. However, let people know on your excitement rather than holding it to yourself. Avoid naively believing anybody at work, and refrain from spreading rumours in any way. Although you will gain from your work, you will be viewed spending more cash on amusement, which occasionally may go over budget. This week, you'll be able to keep the harmony in your family thanks to your persuasiveness. Instead of forcing your choices on others, use this talent of yours and make decisions only after successfully engaging others. Students should anticipate being accepted into the institutions of their preference.

Tip of the week: Be excited