Weekly Horoscope for December 5-11: People of these zodiacs may change their job, battle with mental tranquilly

Curious to know about what stars have destined for you in the upcoming week in terms of love, career and financial growth, read on to know your astrological prediction as per your zodiac signs for the week from December 5 to December 11.



Sunday 04 Dec 2022

This week, you'll likely be preoccupied and battle with mental tranquilly. Try acting in a selfless manner in such a situation to regain your concentration. In spite of it, your office seniors will still be helpful. Self-control is needed while spending since expenses occasionally go beyond your budget. Instead, volunteering or pursuing social service will suit you. In some activities, students are likely to have significant success. Your mother's health has to be regularly watched at home, and all safety measures need to be taken. Similar to this, a lingering familial issue might cause problems in your marriage. Be cautious about chest infections.

Tip of the week: Have self-control