Weekly Horoscope for Pisces from April 22 to 28, 2024: Embrace self-discovery amidst changes in professional relationships


Discover how Pisces can use this period for self-reflection, spiritual growth, and reevaluating professional and personal connections.

You may become detached from your relationships and see your own company. Use this time to reinforce your spirituality and also go through self-discovery. For your career, the stars could bring about unexpected changes in your professional connections or partnerships. You could find yourself reassessing your relationships and even considering whether they are compatible with your long-term objectives and values. Do not be afraid to admit what you seek in a relationship. Do not make hasty decisions or hurry into commitments since there will be more clarity in the future as you keep waiting and reflecting on yourself.


  • Remedy :Reassess your relationships
  • Auspicious Day :Thursday, Monday & Sunday
  • Auspicious color :Yellow
  • Lucky Numbers :3, 9
  • Gemstone :Pushparaga
  • God :Baman avatar
  • Goddess :Maa Tara
  • Rudraksha :Ekmukhi
  • Inauspicious Day :Friday
  • Ghatachandra :Aquarious
  • Ghatatithi :Panchami, Dashami, Poornima, Amavasya
  • Ghata Naxatra :Ashlesa

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