Weekly Horoscope for Gemini from April 22 to 28, 2024: A time for self-reflection and emotional balance


This week, Geminis are encouraged to engage in self-reflection, balancing their rational and emotional needs. Opportunities for work collaborations and networking are highlighted, along with advice for singles to trust their instincts in matters of love.

This week may cause a bit of self-reflection. Let this energy be a chance to explore your inner self and discover knowledge about your emotions and happiness. Trust your instincts and use them to make choices about your home, family, and personal well-being. Remember to maintain a balance between your rational side and your emotional needs. On the work front, collaboration with colleagues could be one of the ways to help you through this period, or you could even use networking opportunities. Singles may need to find some person who seems to be just like them. Listen to your intuition when it comes to matters of love, and resist the urge to be guarded with those you love.

  • Remedy :Engage in self-reflection
  • Auspicious Day :Sunday, Wednesday, Friday
  • Auspicious color :Green, White
  • Lucky Numbers :5
  • Gemstone :Pana
  • God :Vishnu
  • Goddess :Tripura Sundari
  • Rudraksha :Seven-faced
  • Inauspicious Day :Monday
  • Ghatachandra :Aquarius
  • Ghatatithi :Dwitiya, Saptami, Dwadashi
  • Ghata Naxatra :Swati

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