Horoscope for Dec 4: These Zodiacs will get recognition and respect in society

Zodiac signs play a crucial role in almost all aspects of our life. Every sign has its own set of characteristics. So, if you are eager to know about your wealth, health and financial issues, read the astrological predictions for December 4, 2022.



Sunday 04 Dec 2022

Dhanistha: You will enjoy good health. There might be quarrels in your family. You will make average success in business.

Satavikhya: You will find a new job. You may face a political crisis. Students will be worried about their studies.

Purvabhadrapada: Your colleagues will not cooperate with you. Be aware of leaders from your own party.

Remedy: Chant Gayatri mantra of Lord Shani.

Lucky color :Blue

Lucky number :8