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US slaps sanctions on Haqqani commander, Taliban financer

Washington: In a bid to choke off financial and other support to terrorists, the US today slapped sanctions on prominent Taliban financers and commanders of the Haqqani terror network, linked by Washington with the Pakistani spy agency ISI.

The individuals slapped sanctions are Hajji Faizullah Noorzai, a prominent Taliban financer, his brother Hajji Malik Noorzai; Abdur Rehman, a Taliban facilitator; and Fazal Rahim, a financer of al-Qaeda.

The Department of Treasury named Abdul Aziz Abbasin as a key commander in the Haqqani Network who, as of early 2010, received orders from and was appointed by Sirajuddin Haqqani to serve as the Taliban shadow governor of Orgun District, Paktika Province, Afghanistan.

"These financiers and facilitators provide the fuel for the Taliban, Haqqani Network and al-Qaeda to realize their violent aspirations," said Under Secretary for Terrorism and Financial Intelligence David S. Cohen.

?That is why we are taking these actions today and will continue our relentless efforts to choke off streams of financial and other support to terrorists,? he underlined.

As a result of today?s action, US companies and individuals are generally prohibited from engaging in transactions with the targeted individuals, and any assets they may hold under US jurisdiction are frozen, the Department of Treasury said in a statement.

According to the Treasury, Faizullah has served as a prominent Taliban financier with whom senior Taliban leaders invested funds.

He has collected more than USD 100,000 for the Taliban from donors in the Gulf and in 2009 gave a portion of his own money to the Taliban.

In addition to his financial support, Faizullah has facilitated Taliban training and operations.

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