Proposal for learning kiosks mooted at UN

Geneva: A proposal to build learning kiosks equipped with computers and latest technology in rural areas has been made to a UN conference here.
A high-level expert group meeting organised by the United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs which concluded here yesterday heard this proposal from Shanu Hinduja, Chairperson of the Hinduja Foundation, USA.
Experts from several countries including the US, Netherlands, Colombia, Spain and Italy discussed empowerment of people through Information Communication Technologies (ICT) with speakers emphasising that the world cannot afford to leave behind those who could not benefit from the knowledge revolution.
Calling for "global equalisation", Hinduja told the conference that simple incentives should be created to enable the disadvantaged to participate and make the best of the knowledge revolution.
She pointed out that in India creation of basic infrastructure facilities could open up investment opportunities worth USD one trillion.
Unveiling the concept of rural kiosks, Hinduja said that as an alternative to building an entire school, kiosks could be built as "communal places" for learning.
"Equipped with computers and latest technology such kiosks can serve as a village hub for learning," she said, adding that communities could be taught relevant business and financial skills.