‘Cruel’ dog ban launched in China district

Beijing: The local government of a district in China’s Shandong province has issued what residents call “the cruelest dog ban” in China, with a threat to kill all dogs kept by its residents, the media reported on Friday.

“All dogs must be removed from the district before September 10, otherwise authorities will enter your house and kill your dog on the spot,” a statement issued by Dayang district government said.

The statement said that the district government will ban residents from keeping dogs, including those who have an animal licence, the Global Times reported.

It added the ban is for the good of residents and the district’s hygiene.

A district officer said that the rule is aimed at preventing stray dogs from hurting residents, but made no further comments on why domestic dogs should also be eliminated.

“It’s unacceptable,” a resident said, adding “Many residents here keep dogs and have an animal license. They cannot kill my dog and have absolutely no right to storm into my house without permission.”

Another netizen, who also lives in the district, said she is concerned about rabies and other health issues, insisting that “it’s better to live in a place without too many dogs around.”

Many netizens slammed the measure as barbaric and urged the government to reconsider the ban.

A similar regulation has been enforced in Huidong county, Sichuan province, with the local government forbidding dogs in public areas and would kill any stray dog.