Cassian Baliarsingh

Wrong spellings in certificates and documents are not a new thing in our country, but it was ‘enough is enough’ for a man from West Bengal after his name was misprinted – not once, but thrice. 

Instead of ‘Mr. Dutta’, his name was misspelt as ‘Kutta’ on his ration card and thus begun the drama. A furious Dutta staged protest in an unusual manner and gave a tough time to the officers responsible for the error.

Now, a video of his unique protest has been going viral.


After the wrong spelling, the man, originally known as Srikanti Kumar Dutta, was seen barking like a dog in front of government officials. As his name was written as Kutta, he also protested like a dog, to mark his protest. 

In Hindi, Kutta means dog in English. So, Mr Dutta came up with this novel protest after his pleas to effect a correction were ignored by the officials despite repeated requests.

"I have been running from pillar to post to rectify my name on the ration card, but no one cares" Mr Dutta.

According to Mr Dutta, first his name was written as Srikanti Mondal. He applied for a change, but again there was a mistake. So, he applied for a rectification for the third time.

This time, it turned all the more worse for him. Instead of Srikanti Kumar Dutta, the officials changed it to Srikanti Kumar Kutta.

“This was like harassment and I could not tolerate it,” Mr Dutta added.

So, he approached the local Block Development Officer and talked to him in a normal way. But, the officer ignored him and tried to run away.

A furious Mr. Dutta, then came up with his unique protest, thereby grabbing the attraction of reporters. A local present at the site recorded his act and uploaded it on Twitter that is now going crazy viral. 

Finally, after his unusual protest, the authorities assured him that his name will be rectified in a couple of days.