Cassian Baliarsingh

An IIT Kharagpur graduate happily quit his high-paying job as the Senior Vice President of a company to spend time with his newborn daughter. Social media users are not able to keep calm after the man’s story was shared by 'Humans of Bombay'.

According to sources, Ankit Joshi worked as a Senior VP in a company. He was paid well by the company. But, he took the unusual decision after his daughter, Spiti, was born.

Ankit revealed that he had to frequently travel to different cities as part of his job. This deprived him of spending quality time with his daughter. So, he took the decision to put in his papers. 

Even though, his friends and relatives warned him that things would get difficult going forward, his wife Akanksha supported his decision.


Speaking to Humans of Bombay, Ankit said, “I wanted a longer break after Spiti's birth. But, the company couldn't extend my leave. And so, I put in my papers - I call it a promotion to fatherhood.”

Now, Ankit is devoting most of his time in taking care of his daughter. However, his wife, who is currently on maternity leave, is still working and was recently promoted as manager in her organisation.

The heartwarming story has garnered more than 146,000 likes and several comments after it was shared by the Humans of Bombay on their Instagram handle. 

Many social media users became emotional after reading the now viral post and urged it to make a new normal. 

A user commented, “Yess..paternity leave is equally important as maternity leave!" while another wrote, “This is such a warm story. It’s lovely to see he chose to take a back seat and enjoy life for a while with the baby. Sometimes, it’s the little things in life that we need to cherish."

A third user wrote, “Leaving your job for fatherhood! Bro, you have my respect.”