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WhatsApp OTP Scam: Follow These Steps To Keep Hackers At Bay

New Delhi/ Bhubaneswar: Needless to say how with the changing times, millions of users rely on the internet for transmission of text, image and video messages. And with WhatsApp emerging as one of the most popular mobile messaging apps worldwide and more users getting connected to family and friends through the platform each day, the chances of falling prey to cyber fraud have also gone up.

Every social platform has pros and cons and WhatsApp is no different. Latest reports suggest that scammers and hackers are now using OTP tricks to gain illegal access to WhatsApp accounts and steal personal or sensitive data of the users.

The OTP scam which is currently doing rounds allows scammers to hack into your WhatsApp account using an OTP (One Time Password).

If in case you are targeted, the hackers might send you a message in WhatsApp from an unknown number or from a friend’s number claiming that they are is some sort of emergency. They might then request you to forward the OTP to them, citing that it was mistakenly sent to you in a text message.

Remember one thing. If you receive any such message, DO NOT share the OTP or indulge in any further conversation with the scammer/hacker, as this could give them complete access to your WhatsApp account and you could be locked out of your own account.

Cyber experts have further warned that even in case you get a WhatsApp message from a friend or a known contact asking for an OTP code, DO NOT respond or follow his/her request, rather you should call him/her to verify the authenticity and confirm whether the message was actually sent by him/her.


In order to stay safe from this OTP scam, users can enable two-factor authentication on WhatsApp. This apart, the user needs to ensure that s/he does not share OTP or any other private or sensitive information with anyone via WhatsApp.

Follow these simple steps to secure your account:

STEP 1: Open WhatsApp, then click on the three dots on the top right corner.

STEP 2: Tap on the Settings option and then on the Account option.

STEP 3: Now tap on Two-step verification.

STEP 4: You will get an enable option. When you enable that, you will be asked to enter a 6-digit pin sent to you by WhatsApp.

STEP 5: WhatsApp will ask you to enter the pin twice, followed by your email address.

STEP 6: Once you confirm the email address, your two-step verification will be activated.

STEP 7: You also have the option to disable or change the pin using the same steps.

The users should note that once the two-step authentication is enabled, WhatsApp will ask you to enter your password at regular intervals.

Statistics reveal, from nearly 1 billion monthly active users in February 2016, WhatsApp monthly active users have skyrocketed to over 2 billion as on March 2020.

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