New Delhi:  Popular mobile file sharing app SHAREit has crossed the one billion users-mark worldwide, with over 300 million from India.

SHAREit's user base in India is greater than 70 per cent of the country's total internet users.

"When SHAREit entered India, it created an extreme near field transmission experience for local consumers who had been disappointed in the lack of internet infrastructure and the slow internet speeds," the company said in a statement.

SHAREit has featured on Google Play's homepage over 700 times.

Using 'Share Zone', users can transfer resources, add videos, music, apps and also check resource updates of friends in real time.

"Face-to-face communication is at the origin of social sharing. As a world-renowned comprehensive content distribution platform, SHAREit's use cases are inseparable from social and are inextricably linked to the continuous optimisation of India's internet infrastructure," the company noted.