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Your smartphone is most likely your most used item. You take it everywhere with you, including the bathroom, and as a result, your phone is a breeding ground for germs, bacteria, and other disgusting grime we probably don't even know about. To keep germs at bay, follow these steps to clean your smartphone every day.

1. Use a microfiber cloth 

This is the simplest way to clean your smartphone and the most accessible tool. This cloth is available online or at your local optician. Photographers use this cloth to clean their camera lenses, and it is also very effective at cleaning dirt and lint from smartphones. It is also very effective at removing oily fingerprints and smudges. Simply wet one corner of the cloth (do not spray water on your phone) and gently wipe down the screen from the top. Remove any remaining dirt or lint with the dry end of the cloth.

2. Duct tape

If you went to the beach or dropped your smartphone in the sand, you will notice that there are still smaller particles on the display and body of your smartphone. In these cases, a micro cloth is simply insufficient, and scotch tape is the best way to remove these particles. Simply cut a small piece and place it on the surface where you see the particles. After applying the tape, remove it as soon as possible. Rep the procedure for all affected areas.

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3. Rubbing alcohol 

There are numerous sprays and rubbing alcohol on the market, but you must be careful which one you use. Before using a product, always check the product description for "safe to use" with smartphone screens. Most newer phones have a protective coating that can wear off if the proper rubbing alcohol is not used. Because of the lack of this coating, your smartphone is more prone to scratches over time.

4. Distilled white vinegar and water

If you have white vinegar on hand, simply follow these steps to clean your smartphone. In a container, combine 50% water and 50% white vinegar. Take your microfiber cloth and dip one corner into the solution. Wipe down your phone gently with the corner of the cloth. Remove any excess solution with the dry end of the cloth.

Now you know how to clean your phone.