Berlin: Daimler, the parent firm of Mercedes-Benz, is reportedly gearing up to manufacture an all-electric school bus (with a range of 160 km) for US roads by 2019.

"The bus is a 'Saf-T-Liner' C2 Electric Bus that will be manufactured by Daimler subsidiary Thomas Built Buses," The Verge reported late on Friday.

Also named "Jouley," the bus will be able to accommodate 81 children and is powered by a 60kWh battery that will give it a range of up to 160 kms.

Like other automobile makers, Daimler's Mercedes-Benz has also said it will expand its electric vehicle range over the next few years with the "EQ" line-up of electric cars.

Among a number of smaller bus makers working on electrification projects, Daimler's Thomas Built Buses reportedly hold a 38.7 percent market share in the US.

The company is also preparing to start manufacturing its first electric truck deliveries in Japan and the US.