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Tag: Yoghurt

Top 5 Weight Loss Foods That Can Improve Immunity During COVID-19 Crisis

In these days of COVID-19 pandemic when everyone has been forced to stay at home due to lockdown, maintaining ideal weight as well as boosting immunity is a top priority. So how can you lose weight and continue to boost immunity level? Here are the top 5 weight loss foods that are incredibly good at […]

Dairy-rich diet reduces high blood pressure, diabetes risk

London: Eating at least two daily servings of dairy-rich diet is linked to lower risks of diabetes and high blood pressure, as well as the cluster of factors that heighten cardiovascular disease risk (metabolic syndrome), say researchers. Dairy products included milk, yoghurt, yoghurt drinks, cheese and dishes prepared with dairy products, and were classified as […]

Eat Fruits, Yoghurt Daily To Reduce Stroke Risk

London: Different types of food are linked to risks of different types of stroke, say researchers, adding that higher intakes of fruit, vegetables and dairy products is linked to a lower risk of ischaemic stroke. For the study, published in the European Heart Journal, the researchers picked over 4,18,000 people in nine European countries and […]