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Vastu Tips For Kitchen
Vastu tips, remedies for resolving dosha in kitchen

The sole motto of ancient knowledge and skills is to ensure the welfare of humans and all other living beings on Earth. Vastu literally means to reside. The shastra or rules that help humans lead life flawlessly with happiness and peace is termed Vastu Shastra.

  • Tuesday, 18 October 2022
Vastu Tips For Bedroom
Vastu tips: Here is how your master bedroom and children's room will look like

Bedroom is the most important part of a house. We spend at least one third of a day in the comforts of our bedroom and thus a major chunk of our time in our entire life

  • Saturday, 01 October 2022
Vastu tips for house construction
Vastu: Keep these tips in mind while constructing your dream home

Vastu Shastra links a person's health and happiness directly with layouts and construction of his building he lives in. So it is extremely crucial for a person to build his house according to some norms as laid out in the shastra.

  • Saturday, 17 September 2022