Vikash Sharma

A lot of people these days want to have every luxury in life. At the same time, they are now seeking advice of experts to overcome every dosha as per Vastu Shastra. Most of the houses are now being constructed as per the rules of vastu shastra so that they gain maximum benefit from staying in their dream home which is built once in a lifetime.

Vastu for Bedroom

Bedroom is the most important part of a house. We spend at least one third of a day in the comforts of our bedroom and thus a major chunk of our time in our entire life. Bedrooms are usually made depending on the location of a house. But it can lead to both positive and negative energy based on its direction.

Read to know the right direction for your bedroom as per Vastu

Master bedroom: A bedroom used for sleeping by the owner of the house is ideally called the master bedroom. According to Vastu, the location of a master bedroom should always be in the south-west corner of the house.

Children’s bedroom: According to Vastu, a boy's bedroom should be in the north-east direction and a girl's bedroom in the north-west direction.

Guest bedroom: North-west direction is most auspicious for guest bedroom.

Bedroom décor

  1. If the house has more than one floor, the master bedroom should be on the upper floor.
  2. The master bedroom should be larger in size than other bedrooms.
  3. In the bedroom, the mattress should be placed in the new corner (south-west).
  4. It is good to sleep facing east or south while sleeping on the couch.
  5. In the bedroom, the closet be placed in south or west so that its door opens to east or north.
  6. It is good to place the dressing table in north or east direction.
  7. It is good to place the wardrobe in south direction of the bedroom.
  8. North or west in the bedroom is the best place to combine both bathroom and toilet.
  9. A bathing room can be built only in north and east.

Tips and remedies

  1. In no circumstances should a bedroom be over a shed, a garage or a kitchen.
  2. Statue or image of any god or goddess should not be kept in the bedroom.
  3. Do not sleep in the middle of the bedroom.
  4. Sleeping with the head facing north raises mental distress and causes insomnia or illness.
  5. Sleeping with the head towards east helps in raising strength and improves health.
  6. Sleeping under the beam leads to health problems.